download (1)Look around you and you can easily identify a person lacking in self-confidence. You can differentiate one who carries himself confidently from the one who is timid and timorous. It shows on a person’s physical appearance. A person who stands tall and confident is most likely someone who is confident. This is in contrast to a person, who could barely hold his head up while walking because of his lack of confidence.

A healthy self-confidence is enough to push athletes, public speakers, performers, entrepreneurs, and anybody whose life involves interacting with people to perform their best. They all realize the essence of self-confidence in order for them to achieve their peak performance and help overcome impediments thrown in their way. So for people lacking self-confidence,how to have self-confidence is something they really have to work on if they want to achieve success in what they do.

All Colombian Recipes

As rich as its culture and nature, Colombian Recipes is a massive array of flavors or specialties. The main of colombian that compose it are potatoes and soup. But these are just a sampling of the cuisine which is identified with regions where the food came.

South West, and Cauca valley, stand bogged rice and chicken stew. In the east we have the delicious chop stick ranger.

The area of Cundinamarca and Boyacá highlands represents the cuisine with dishes such as stew or chili sauce Boyaca, which satisfy the most voracious appetite. In the region of Tolima and Huila shine the suckling pig, tamales flavored with intense flavors of sausage, pork, chicken and roast classic Huila.

The Caribbean and the Pacific provide an abundance of seafood that are reflected in exquisite dishes like rice with chipi chipi and seafood casserole.

Cook Colombian recipes is delicious and very simple to cook. You can learn to cook all the food from Latin America and Colombia with our help and that of all the chefs who every year send us their own recipes.

Wait no more and begins to prepare these recipes and surprise your friends !.

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A Nazi dagger from World War II, as well as collectible coins, were some of the items present at the Ohio Valley Gold and Silver show in Plano on Thursday.

That was the lesson a Plano man learned recently when he brought an 1889 Carson City Silver Dollar to the Ohio Valley Gold and Silver show in Plano. While he walked in with $1, he walked away with $1,500 in cash due to the rarity of the coin.

Mike Crawford, the field manager for Ohio Valley, said his company is always looking for older coins and currency, as well as jewelry and other items such as sports memorabilia and vintage guitars. Crawford said now is the time for people to act if they want to ensure they maximize the value of their collectibles.

Kelsey Kruzich / Staff Photo: A Nazi dagger from World War II, as well as collectible coins, were some of the items present at the Ohio Valley Gold and Silver show in Plano on Thursday.

“The antique market is starting to get flooded,” Crawford said. “Now is the time to let the collectibles go before the market even gets worse, since all of the baby boomers are retiring and downsizing, and the more items that hit the market, the less people will pay for them.”

Gold and silver are two of the hottest items Crawford and his buyer, Michael Lohrengel, see on a daily basis. Crawford said it is also a great time to get rid of unwanted gold and silver, since the price for gold is at a near-record level and the price of silver has nearly doubled in the last two years.

“We are seeing a lot of coins, costume jewelry and broken chains,” Crawford said. “The price of gold went from nearly $1,900 an ounce in August, down to $1,400 six months later. Now it is back up to around $1,800 and I think it will stay there for a while.”

Even though Ohio Valley specializes in gold and silver, the meeting room at the Super 8 motel on U.S. 75 was filled with far more than gold and silver. Tables included full American military uniforms and metals from World War II, as well as other war items such as a Hitler-era Nazi dagger made by the Solingen Company. There was also a French sword from the late 1800s and a toy Texaco fire truck, which has an estimated value of about $1,000.

Crawford said a lot of the war items are donated by the children and grandchildren of veterans who don’t want the items after the veterans die. Other items such as sterling silver flatware sets are also commonly donated once they are passed down to new owners, who decide they won’t ever use them and want to get something for them.

Preschool: Letter G Week


  1. Practicing  writing the letter G
  2. 2.     Gorilla be Good (Letter G)



Items used/needed: Any paper, pencil, jumbo crayons (actually Ammon is holding colored pencils real well, so she asked for pencils. I obliged.


Preschool Workbook by Mead (bought at WalMart)






 Geometry-triangles, hexagons: We spent a few minutes introducing “lines” and triangles that have 180 degrees


Items needed: sidewalk chalk

The Dot and the Line:  a Romance in Lower Mathematics



  1. Typing the letter G: pointer finger left hand



Items used/needed: any computer keyboard. Ammon and Carter used their iPads with two different Apps.




Art: Gauguin : comparing and contrasting European painting vs. Tahitian paintings.


Power Point  (less than 6 slides) with Gauguin paintings




Music: explore the music of Gershwin

  1. Breakfast to the sounds of “I’ve got Rhythm” –several times during the week, we would break out in a  “tap-danced” to this tune
  2. Watch a video of “An American in Paris”





  1. Gallop



  1. What does it mean to be grateful (discussion)


During meal or evening prayers, we would discuss what each of us were grateful for.



  1. How can you show gratitude to others? (discussion)


We stopped often to tell each other “thank you!” and MEAN IT!




Plan a garden or plant seeds




In Blooms Taxonomy  (’s_Taxonomy) , the pinnacle of the learning pyramid is creativity. My favorite part of the week was when Carter and Ammon CREATED their own “G”ame. We made up rules as we went along, and you and yours can do the same: IT’S YOUR GAME! LOL


Cowboys and Indians (Carter and Ammon style)


  1. Cowboys and Indians (like a pack for $1 at the Dollar General)
  2. Bottle caps
  3. Line up your men (it can be by color, or Indians vs. Cowboys, rifles against pistols whatever)
  4. Line up your men about 3 ft. apart.  From each side and taking turns, toss your bottle cap at the line of “soldier” so as to knock down the men.
  5. The first contestant to knock down all the figures wins.